Davide Reato

Department of Physics, Universita’ degli Studi di Padova, 2007

The purpose of this purely modeling study was to analyze subthreshold voltage oscillations (SVO) in pyramidal neurons and to understand if those oscillations can be important for a fast synchronization of action potentials among neurons. A MATLAB GUI was implemented to change the neuronal activity “online”.
The model is a simple 2 compartments conductance-based model.
In the first compartment persisten sodium channels, “normal” potassium channels and a leackage current are present.
The action potentials generation regard the second compartment in which normal sodium and potassium channels are simulated. The subthreshold activity current was considered as an input current for the second compartment.


Some references:

  1. Desmaisons D, Vincent J, Lledo P (1999), Control of action potential timing by intrinsic subthreshold oscillations in olfactory bulb output neurons, J Neurosci. 19(24):10727-37
  2. Gutfreund Y, Yarom Y, Segev I (1995), Subthreshold oscillations and resonant frequency in guinea-pig cortical neurons: physiology and modeling, J Physiol. 483 ( Pt 3):621-40

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