Safety Validation

Evidently, safety is paramount when deploying an clinical device.  In addition to exhaustively considering risks associated with the devices we develop, our group has also provided expert advice of medical device and electrical safety to a range of companies and institutes including the counties leading medical device corporations.  Pre-clinical (animal) work is also conducted by our group.

Clinical Testing

The final and pivotal stage of medical device validation is clinical testing.  The clinical network facilitated throughThe New York Center for Biomedical Engineering facilitates tremendous access to the nation leading clinical center and practitioners. The NYCBE also provides a range of logistical support services (notably CCNY BME Senior Design program), sub-consortiums (like the MSKCC-CCNY partnership), seed-grants, and student placement (namely CCNY engineering MS and PhD engineering candidates working in clinical centers).  Outside the NYCBE, we are fortunate to have tremendously active and accomplished colleagues in hospital along the north-east corridor, from Harvard Medical to The National Institute of Health to the Medical University of South Carolina.

Devices developed by the CCNY Neural Engineering team and Prof. Marom Bikson’s lab are in clinical trials in over 18 national medical centers.

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