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The Neural Engineering group at The City College of New York analyzes nervous system function at multiple scales spanning sub-cellular, single cell, tissue, animal, to human cognitive levels.  Similarly, our translational research and development program integrates experimental testing, medical device development, and clinical trials – with the over-arching goal of improving human health through engineering innovation.

Our work culture is fundamentally open: where engineers, physicists, computational and signal processing experts, biologists, psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and physicians engage in a constant and dynamic dialogue – learning, challenging assumptions, and together developing new conceptual frameworks and technologies.   Therefore, those this web-site focuses on the activities within the Neural Engineering group at CCNY, we acknowledge the ubiquitous input and support from our numerous colleagues across nations best research labs and medical departments.

This web-site provides regularly updated materials (description, code, data) and links related to our research and development activities, as well as general insights into our approaches to solving fundamental problems in neuroscience by applying engineering tools.  We hope to provide a broad historical and technical context to our work, simultaneously highlighting our own specific contributions thus far.  We hope that our passion for our work and our commitment to contribute to basic science and human health come through in these pages.  And we welcome all further inquiries.

Here we summarize our global research program in several core areas.  You can jump to any area and navigate across this integrated site.

The following research program overview is detailed and technical, for a simple and short overview visit the BME Neural Engineering cover page. Specific and ongoing projects are introduced in the following overview and are also listed here.

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