Clinical Trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are ongoing with support from NIH-NCI

Next generation devices under development


Varun Bansal


We developed a working prototype of reflective pulse oximeter that enables surgeons to obtain real time feedback on local tissue oxygen saturation (SpO₂) during operative procedures.

This handheld wireless pulse oximeter is suitable for the intra-operative measurement of tissue SpO₂ during bowel surgery. The device adapts principles and technology developed for non-invasive pulse oximetry, and introduces tissue interface, physician’s tool, and signal processing algorithms for intra-operative applications. The handheld device includes local display of SpO₂  levels (<1s refresh) at the contacted tissue, and signals the operative on degraded signal quality/fault. An onboard microcontroller digitizes and processes signals transduced through a control LED array. Signal processing and display parameters were optimized for operating room conditions. A disposable functionally transparent cover provides both device and tissue protection.  SpO₂ and pulse signals can be processed on a PC or operating room VI. The incorporations of a pressure sensor to increase accuracy and robustness is explored.

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