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The Multi – Channel Stimulation Interface device is designed to be used as an interface device between an isolated 2-channel current controlled DC stimulator and 5 stimulation leads. The Interface device is developed to enhance the DC stimulation targeting capabilities withhout making any changes in 2-Channel stimulator device. The multi channel Stimulation Interface device can be connected to any kind of 2-channel stimulator available in market by just using the appropriate input cables. The Multi Channel Stimulation Interface device can be connected with 2- 5 output electrod es depending on the treatment and targeted area of the stimulation.

The Multi Channel Stimulation Interface device has the functionality for pre-stimulation accessing lead quality and potential faults. Though these functions are intended to facilitate multi channel stimulation, in PASS MODE this functionality is disengaged, allowing the current to pass through without any interruption through multiple electrodes. The combined output of the multiple output leads is thus equivalent to the single input.

An inbuilt TICKLE features activates a transient <100 µA pulse, intended to “regulate” lead resistance. When the Multi Channel Stimulation Interface is powered OFF the device disconnects 2-channel input from the 5-channel output. When turned OFF, the output of the 4X1-C2 is zero even if the 2-channel stimulator is active.

Refer to Device Manual for more information.

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