Varun Bansal, Jorge Vega

We developed stimulation electrodes for reduced contact area and for safe and innocuous DC stimulation across the skin for biomedical applications including enhanced drug delivery and electrotherapy.

We developed electrodes and designed electrode adapters for safely applying the high density trans-cranial direct current stimulation therapy. A better design of electrode adapter was developed through an extensive research to find out optimum gel volume, contact area with electrode & tissue, height of the electrode from the tissue, tightly holding of the electrode and easy to fit adapter into the cap.

All of above mentioned parameters are responsible to determine overall response of the tissue for the stimulation current. The adapter design plays a crucial role in decreasing the sensation on the tissue surface. Electrodes have a hole for better access to the gel and tissue after uploading electrode onto the adapter. The adapter is designed to provide maximum surface area in contact with the gel. Higher surface area in contact with the gel keeps gel to electrode impedance low and thus allows electrode to run the stimulation  therapy safely for more than 20 minutes.

Adapter also has a cap which not only prevents electrode from accidently coming out during the stimulation but also avoids gel from falling out of the adapter. The cap has a locking mechanism to tightly keep electrode in position. Hole in the cap and electrode provides an easy access to gel and tissue during the stimulation.


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