Reflective Pulse Oximeter

For proto-typing medical devices, we leverage the tremendous infrastructure at the CUNY campuses, as well as expertise within our own group. Tools such as 3-D rendering, circuit and PCB design and fabrication, 3-D printing and laser-cutting are standard tools we employ to rapidly develop prototypes for clinical testing.  Devices are designed to address IRB and regulatory concerns as appropriate (e.g. FDA NSR).

We have successfully designed and developed both diagnostic and therapeutic devices ranging from reflective intra-operative pulse oximeters for cancer durgery to non-Invasive brain stimulation devices for depression treatment.  We work closely with our clinical partners as well as provide support for several leading medical technology companies.

Additional details on developed devices (Products) and ongoing work (Projects) can be found in this website.  Our work has been recognized through numerous grants (NIH, DoD, Andy Grove Foundation…) and awards (Wallace H Coulter Translational Research, NYC Bioaccelerate Award Finalist…).  And we welcome all further inquiries.

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