The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) initates a clinical trial on experimental pain using our High-Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES) system. Jeff Borckardt and Mark George will lead the trial.

Marom Bikson, Abhi Datta, and Varun Bansal visited MUSC to deliver and set-up the technology.

Two medical technolgies developed in our lab are selected for the upcomming “NYC MedTech” showcase, organized by Columbia University on March 26th.

Prasad Adusumilli will present “Real-time intraoperative detection of tissue hypoxia by a novel wireless Pulse Oximetry (WiPOX)” based on our hand-held sensor technology.

Marom Bikson will present “H-sink: A method to reduce tissue heating at implantable medical devices including neuroprosthetic devices